Friday, August 30, 2013

Ray The Wanna’ B Retreiver?

We took our boy, Big Ray, out to a friends camp on Halfmoon Pond in Swanville / Prospect the other day for a swim. And there he encountered a small flock of quackers which clearly caused  a bit of confusion on his part.
I've never used him as a gun dog but it seems to me that from his body language his instincts were kicking in..  soon however he overcame his primal urges and settled instead for a handful of kibbles.
Guess he's not ready for prime time...


  1. Kelley missed the retriever part too- she shows almost no interest in ducks and will retrieve something a couple of times before she quits - as if to say, " if i get that you will just throw it again and I'll have to go get it again.

    1. Ray might do it if there's another pup competing..but mostly he says it's not worth the effort to him..sounds like Kelley and Ray would like one another! Thanks