Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ray In The Spray

A calm start to a late afternoon picnic boat ride to Fort Point State Park turned a bit choppy on our return to Belfast. 

Raymond, who was comfortably lounging up front on his boat bed, was the recipient of some bow spray as we rounded the tip of Sears Island. Not appreciative of this treatment he was forced to endure, he started to pathetically stare through the windshield, envying the relative protection that it was providing us. 

...Some days it hard to be you Ray...

But soon we were out of the rough stuff and enjoying the rest of our homeward leg back to the boat launch.
...Life is good, eh Ray?

Awesome photographs by Pat Bailey Webber


  1. Neat shots - looks kind of stoic in the second and a little puzzled in the first

  2. Thanks bud..My wife is doing good stuff with her photography..